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Instant X-Ray

Intra – Oral Peri Apical X- Ray helps us to know the original internal structure of the whole tooth, root and surrounding bone and any developmental or infectious pathology related with them, which guides us to proper diagnosis and accurate treatment plan which makes it an essential diagnostic procedure for any dental procedure.

Root Cannal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of removal of the necrosed (dead) neurovascular tissues of a deep carious infected tooth, from its root canals, its debridement and filling it with a biocompatible material—gutta percha. The tooth is designed by crown- cutting to receive.


This treatment deals with the correction of irregular teeth, irregular jaw relations and other malformation of dental and skeletal structures by a constant or interval pressure techniques applied by either metallic or non- metallic braces, wires, elastics etc.,which at the end of the treatment gives you a perfect smile.

Fixed crown and bridges

The cumber some technique of removable plates to replace your teeth are a past story its the age of fixed bridges where the missing teeth are replaced by taking a mathematically calculated, geometrically designed, adjacent teeth support and fabrication of a ceramic dental bridge..

Painless extraction of tooth

It's the painless, uncomplicated and uneventful removal of tooth and its root completely or a root fragment completely.

Cosmetic Fillings

Smile but not let others know you have dental filling unlike silver filling the new generation tooth coloured cosmetic dental fillings, light cure fillings.

Scaling & Polishing

This is the process of cleaning the plaque and calculus deposits from tooth surface and also debridement of the infected gums by a ultra modern high speed.

Teeth Whitening

It's the process of whitening your teeth to convert your dull teeth colour to a sparkling white shade without rubbing your teeth,to give a bright smile.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Now a days its not actually wise to keep wisdom tooth in the oral cavity too long as its very hard to maintain its health and thus it hampers oral health. Moreover impacted wisdom teeth.

Dental Implant

This is the latest technology to replace your missing teeth by placing a screw type metallic implant inside your jaw bone to act as root of your teeth, without disturbing the adjacent teeth, as if it has emerged from the bone itself.

Complete Dentures

For our grand citizens who lost there teeth, we have the solution for them to fulfill to eat they desire to. Conventional complete dentures are made by taking accurate impressions of maxillary.

Dental Cyst Surgery

This is the surgical removal of a fluid filled epithelial tissue lined sac that arises mostly in the root of an infected tooth, or sometimes developmental (or present at birth) in origin original internal structure and Cares.

Cosmetic Suturing

This is procedure of cosmetic surgery where your traumatized or cut area will be sutured/stitched back with some special thread and technique so as to leave no stitch or scar mark behind.

Jaw Fracture Treatment

This is the procedure of bringing the fractured parts of your jaw bones together as earlier to restore the form and function of your face and oral cavity.

T. M. Joint Relocation

This is done manually to put the dislocated Jaw joint back into place which happens sometimes unknowingly with wide yawning, or in contact fight which is sometimes aggravated by any deformity.

Pediatric Dental Care

Kids are the future of a nation keeping good care of their teeth will lead them enjoy a healthy diet and acquire a good nutrition. The primary dentition guides the development of the jaws.

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